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because trying is overrated!
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Hopefully this oddly jewish sounding name will make people curious enough to give this a look lol. Bushboosky is a creature in this short, charming, kinda-like-pokemon-but-not-really dsiware game that I got off the eshop a while back called Crystal Monsters. It's been one of my favorites ever since I got one. At some point, I'd like to get a plush or something done of it. However, it's a rather old game so there's not really any good references out there. Here's a couple pics I took a while back of it from the front and back:…… Since it's of an older game, screen shots arn't available. The best I could do was to take a pic of the screen with my newer 3DS at the time. I'm not looking for anything super detailed or anything, but it would help a lot to have a clear image of it. One of the things I love about it is it looks like it'd only be a couple feet tall, but its encyclopedia entry says it's 6 meters tall lol. Anyone willing to help with this?
In my pursuit to have a truly unique town, I'm looking to get some patterns I can use for paths in my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I'm trying to get a good pattern of tree roots to come from my plaza tree and spread all throughout my town. What want is a vertical, horizontal, and 4 corner patterns of tree roots. The vertical and horizontal ones should be able to tile with more of themselves as you'd expect; but i want 3 more variants of them. The borders of them 3-4 pixels at the appropriate sides should stay the same, but the section in the middle of each of them different to maybe have moss, or small flowers blooming in different places on them; and of course with different growth pattern for the individual roots. This way, I can have the paths tile, while avoiding the same pattern over and over. As for the title of this thread, I'd also like a steam-punk variant each of the horizontal, vertical, and corner pieces; all able to line up with the normal tree root patterns. Like the tree had been damaged and needed to be modified to survive and continue to provide nourishment for the town.

To recap that's:
3 vertical tree root patterns
3 horizontal tree root patterns
1 vertical steam-punk root/pipe pattern
1 horizontal steam-punk root/pipe pattern
4 corner tree root patterns
4 corner steam-punk root/pipe patterns
*All able to seamlessly connect

I understand that this is a huge request, and did my best to properly explain it. I'm not exactly sure what something like this would cost, so please name your price if possible. I also have several amiibo if you would like furniture from them, and will be getting a Monster Hunter amiibo soon if you'd like something from that one.  and obviously wouldn't deny it for free if you just want to do it for the experiment. ;P Please post some examples of your work if you're interested or ask any questions if you're confused about anything!

*I currently have Medli, W. Link, Cyrus, Reese, K.K., Lottie, Inkwell, and Kappn' amiibo at my disposal; and like I said before will be getting a Monster Hunter amiibo in the coming weeks. Though Medli has already moved in so getting anything specific from her might prove difficult.


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I draw what I call "random-line sketches." In other words, I make a bunch of random lines close to each other and see how they fit together. They're not meant to be anything in particular, but seem to all have a similar theme of some sort of organization in that most of them have a mask-like face. I can't take requests as I have no way of telling what I'm even drawing until I'm done. And even after that, I still only know how they're supposed to look. In any case, it's my hope that I can find others who can draw my random beings in a higher quality; or even 3D models! I'd love to see these... things I create in different styles and perspectives. So if you're willing to, or just do so because you're bored, let me know and I'll be sure to... do whatever it is that's done to thank people around here! Advertise for your deviations i guess? Whatever I'm just happy to maybe see my whatever they are in a new light.
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Another update for anyone who happens to run by my page, I'm finally done my long awaited (by me) Level 7 RLS! It took months of... well procrastination and laziness... but it's a huge step from my last set and I look forward to seeing everyone's comments (or lack there of) and hopefully some just as awesome (at least) recreations.

Also, the two new flavored texts for abysmal maw and those arms (i need to think up a lot of new titles...) and all RLS with flavored texts will now have a * by their title to help distinguish them from the others. Parasitic liquefaction and depths of ones' mind are also on the list to get flavored text so look forward to that once my Level 7s are uploaded. This batch's uploads include a tick, a pillar (ooh exciting xD) a gremlin, a turtle, a flower, and a pod, plus a straggling eel from Level 6 that's been patiently waiting to come out from the cave of my photobucket! :D

As always, I'm welcome to any and all recreations and would love it if someone made one based on a creature's flavored text. I'd also like to encourage everyone to take a look at the recreations that have been done for me so far (located in my favorites appropriately labeled "Recreations") and check out the pages of some of the awesome deviants who worked on them.

If anyone needs to tell me something, please post a comment below, or send a pm to my youtube account novidsjustposts (still creative as ever) if you need me to actually reply. I don't really care for subscriptions, but you're all welcome to check out my massive collection of favorites and enjoy the 600+ videos everyone's put out. Sorry, but it's incredibly unorganized.

Thanks for reading my pointless journal entry and remember,
I'm always watching. always... <O>_<O>


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Elliyos Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for the watch, dearie!
Also, yes, my super slow self is still going to scan everything for the Solar Boy Django manga. ^^;
AsLinesComeTogether Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
awesome. i might wait until you're done (whenever that is) since i like to do things in bulk. i got plenty of stuff to do in the meantime lol. i should still play boktai 3, but i'm a bit anal about not having a legit solar sensor... to use with my blacklight lmao.
Elliyos Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Hopefully this year? I've been saying that for awhile, and I feel bad with all the delays, but like, I'm the only one doing it? So I guess there is that. I need to just find a day where I have nothing better to do, I guess.
No kidding! I'm over in Oregon, and it rains year round((various amounts from sprinkling to showers)), with few sunny days in between. I mostly use a blacklight for that reason.
Granted, I have Boktai 3, and could play on my cartridge, but then I miss out on story, which I get with the translated ROM... DX
AsLinesComeTogether Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
well i looked high and low for the manga back when i first found out about it and found nothing through dozens of pages of google so you probably are the only one. and i woulda been fine with a cartridge, but i could never find the game script anywhere. =( and i used the blacklight mainly for forging. with it right up on the sensor and the sun spell, u can have full bars. i was trying to get the final weapons with perm night and day boosts, but idk if it was even possible. if it is, u need a perfect forge.
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j5rson Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav!
SublimeSalt Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
AsLinesComeTogether Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
alright thanks again for this. sucks that i'd lose access for so long like this but at least i have my downloaded youtube favorites and youtube channel w/ minecraft videos on my Wii to keep me sane :P
TotemEye Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Thank you for the watch! :heart:
sricky121 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
finally checked out some of your new stuff, and they're pretty sweet!
the details on them and the shading make some really interesting shapes
AsLinesComeTogether Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
glad you like em :) it's getting harder and harder to get motivated though. those new ones were originally lined before summer :(
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